RJMetrics Marketing Website Design

project summary:

The RJMetrics marketing website was an ongoing project that encompassed market research, rigorous A/B testing, and a few hundred hours of planning, spit-balling, and collaboration. I'd been helping drive the evolution of our marketing strategy from message to pixel-placement since I was first hired. This case study will focus on the most recent design of our website (some elements may no longer be represented on the live site).

The latest release of the site was amidst a fairly big change in our product strategy, so it came with some new challenges. We were on a tight deadline and embarking on a new strategy that involved dividing our software solution into two products. The big challenge we faced was to figure out the best way to sell two products that solve pieces of the larger data puzzle, especially without alienating the 300+ clients we were still supporting on our original full-stack BI tool, CloudBI. We outlined various design/messaging options and started prioritizing based on the user's needs.

messaging strategy

I worked with the leaders of our marketing team to craft the message in a way that would be informative, clear, and in a logical progression. I stressed that it was important to convey information as a story, as to help clarify to potential customers what they were getting (and how). We structured each main page to have each of the following elements in order:

1. Convey the overall brand/product benefit
2. Step through how our products acheive that benefit
3. Provide social proof/testimonials to support our claim
4. Direct users to the information that suits their needs.

the final product

Our process ended with full-responsive designs, rigorous device-testing, and a full migration of the rest of our site's content from WordPress to Webhook CMS. We released this version on Oct. 5, 2015.