SaaS Application UX/UI Design

project summary:

The early versions of our product were barebones in both features and design, but still ahead of the curve for it's time. The goal was simple: create the most frictionless experience possible for business users to extract actionable answers from their data.

The software was being iterated on quickly, but the experience was unintuitive and underdeveloped. We knew this would be an ongoing need beyond the few months we dedicated to the first round of this project, so we scoped the project goals accordingly. They were to create a better process for ad-hoc analysis, update the look and feel, and create a component style-guide that could be used for a consistently evolving product. Along the way, we drew inspiration from greats like Stephen Few and Dieter Ramms, and took huge input from each arm of the organization.


This would be the process that took over the team's time for the coming weeks. The first build was a highly-customized fork of twitter bootstrap. It acted as our first set of classes and elements that would be used repeatedly throughout the interface. I created all final graphical UI assets and was responsible for keeping visual consistency at the forefront during the iteration process. Through a combination of user testing and internal input, I gathered feedback and worked directly with our engineering and leadership teams to make sure the design and experience were in line with our vision and roadmap for the product.

the results

While the improvements are constantly evolving, the charting experience, UI consistency, and overall style all took huge steps forward. This project also pushed forward at an incredible pace thanks to an amazingly passionate dev team and great cross-functional collaboration. In many ways, this project set a new bar for what it means to work effectively with fellow developers, designers, founders and outside stakeholders.