Office Interior Design & Custom Mural

project summary:

As the sole designer in an up and coming startup, I faced a number of design challenges that extended from my core skill set. After having recently re-branded the company, it seemed only fitting to our founders for me to represent our brand identity as we embarked on moving to an office that was more than double the space we were presently occupying. I had already developed a reputation in the company for being the go-to guy for all things aesthetic, so I was in a great position to be involved with any/all decisions about our new space's look and feel. I began by reviewing and selecting basic flooring options and wall colors (including accents).

a place for nerds

Many walk-throughs, color swatch sifting, floor-sample sorting, and a dozen or two meetings later - build out was underway. By Feb 1st, the initial foundation and expansion were complete, and the budget left for art and interior decoration was spent. With a few independent requests, some designs of our own creation, and a boat-load of locally-made art courtesy of Society6, we were starting to make a space that really felt home for our newly polished brand.

the final piece

During this process, I was approached privately by our real-estate broker Dan Gummel, who was looking for a unique gift for our founders. After some deliberating on price-range and some spit-balling, I presented the concept of a mural - and he loved it. The idea was to take the Rube Goldberg style (that our founder Jake Stein and I shared a passion for) and apply it to our development process for data flow, weaving in the jokes and project names that circulated our dev team/office.

I enlisted the services of the very talented Sean Martorana and we got to work. This part of the experience was a story unto itself and is best told in a piece that Sean and I wrote together. Here's the visual version.