Data Point Live Event: New York / San Francisco

project summary:

Data Point Live was RJMetrics' first self-organized event series. We were on a good product path, but having trouble connecting with our users or being in a position to get baseline feedback on our product experience. The idea was to create an event that gave us a chance interface with our users/prospects and take another step toward establishing ourselves as thought-leaders in the ecommerce industry.

The name and micro-brand were loosely based on a previous peice of content we created, Data's Untold Story. They were designed to reflect a look that could still be easily connected to the RJMetrics brand, but could also stand alone.

data point live: san francisco

While the second event used the same overall style, we were able to acquire a more robust list of speakers and a healthier mix of existing users and prospective clients. This led to an upgrade in the style of the website and a far more extensive/informational event schedule.


One of the biggest marketing results that came from these events was some excellent video testimonials from power users of the product. Additionally, we were successfully able to gain some invaluable insights directly from founders and leaders of various ecommerce companies.