2015 Ecommerce
Benchmark Report

project summary:

Some of the most recent content pieces our marketing team had written, namely the RJMetrics Benchmarks - we're still getting us some great traffic and we wanted to test expanding their value to print. The originals had commonalities, but making them consistent in a way that was digestable, fluid, and put the data at the forefront was a huge hurtle.

I worked with our content marketing team and in-house data scientist to determine the scope, budget, and timeline for the project. As the content and data were audited, I began to build out a set of core pages that we would want for each of the three sections.

making it cohesive

As the content got refined and finalized, I designed and art directed all final assets. I was also responsible for the size, look and feel for the final product - with a focus on premium quality. I worked directly with our printer to find the best solution for our budget and ensure the overall quality (big thanks out to our printing partners at MediaCopy). The design and content started to come together and I worked with our content marketing team and production designer to structure each page layout.

the final product

After multiple rounds of content reveiw, chart edits and production time, we printed the 76-page report and were able to bring them to 2 conferences and 2 events in the following weeks. While it's tough to measure the success of event collateral, we definitely got a great reaction from internal and external sources, mostly via direct conversations with prospects, clients or social network activity.